Design Tidbits

A few small design items I've made over the years. Like any good tidbit, this section is meant to be simple, quick, and snackable.

Tanzu Labs Design Guide

An illustrated summary of how Pivotal Labs (now called VMware Tanzu Labs) conducts user-centered design in an agile way. I helped with content strategy, writing, and editing it into one voice. Read more about design at VMware Tanzu Labs or download the guide.

Collaboratively created in Google Suite & Miro • 2019
Large image of the MerchSearch app icon next to a screenshot of a mobile device's home screen showing the icon in context

Android App Identity

A new application identity informed by a client’s existing branding & style guides but extended to support in-store associates on an older build of Android. Read more about the associated project.

Created in Sketch • 2018
Picture of the project sticker that says Team Puffin with a puffin holding the in-store merchandise device the team built

Project Stickers

A fun way for the team to fondly remember a thoroughly enjoyable client project. The sticker reflects both our mascot (a puffin) and the thrust of our project (in-store merchandise lookup). 

Created in Sketch • 2018
Large image of the Product Labs logo which says "Product Labs" with the "u" changed to look like a test tube. Next to it is the avatar which is a close up of the test tube.

Logo & Avatar

A mini-identity that seeks to capture the quirky and offbeat feel of Product Labs, a product & design-focused Medium publication to which I’ve contributed. 

Created in Sketch & Adobe Illustrator • 2016

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